Customers receive new credit cards


B&L replaces customer-unfit cards for non-contact shopping. However, the old one will be usable until the new one is activated. Why SurePass Card Can Be Good?

Touchless payment


Starting today, B&L will begin replacing SureCard that is not eligible for touchless payment. Those who receive a new card can only use the old one until they activate the new one. If they never do, the old card will be good until the original expiration date.

This will not make B&L a card that has no contactless payment option. Three years ago, there was virtually no contactless payment card, nowadays it is close to 14 percent and growing rapidly. At most banks, expired or lost cards are just being replaced and the number of acceptance points is increasing.

What are SurePass and payWave and what is it good for?


SurePass is MaterCard and payWave is a contactless payment solution for Visa. There is no need to touch the POS terminal, where shopkeepers insert or pull traditional cards. But best of all, you don’t just have to touch, you don’t even have to hand out a card.

Electronic payment is a lot more secure than buying cash, but if it is a problem, it usually happens when you have your credit card in someone else’s hands. We often hear that these transactions may even be “intercepted”, but in practice there is no such abuse. In this way, they cannot obtain card details.

Banking Tip: Never write your PIN anywhere, but especially not next to the card.

How to pay


Simply keep the card in the immediate vicinity of the appropriate POS terminal and the payment will be made. In Hungary, the terminal does not ask for a PIN up to the limit of HUF 5,000, but we have to enter it for a larger amount. But even so, payment can be much faster than before.

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